"When we heal the soul, the body follows."


About Carly

From a young age, it became apparent that I was highly sensitive, capable of picking up energies effortlessly, and seeing others for who they truly are at their core. I also had a connection with another reality, which was entirely normal in the Indonesian family I grew up in. My grandmother lived with the spirits of her ancestors, and my great-grandmother, who was clairvoyant, was regularly sought after by people in the village for advice and assistance. Our home was filled with books on esotericism, spirituality, astrology, and anthroposophy.

I didn't realize that my reality was different from others: at the age of 3, I would have conversations with my deceased grandmother under the dining table, see apparitions behind people or in the corner of a room (often deceased family members), feel the suffering of others and naturally alleviate it, and be unexpectedly guided to places where "light" was needed. My teacher later told me that she placed "problem" children next to me in class so that they would feel better. She would often stand next to me to "recharge," as she called it, and I was fine with that. It's no wonder that later in life, I often experienced fatigue and exhaustion: I didn't know how to keep my own energy balanced because I couldn't feel my boundaries. And if others felt better, everybody happy, right? I danced joyfully and freely through life, wishing the same for everyone, which naturally led me into a helper's role. However, through "trial and error," life taught me that I had to nurture my own light first before I could assist others.

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How do i work?

In healing, it always involves the transfer of energy, meaning that I connect with source energy, my higher self and my team of guides, and through them, healing is transmitted for the body, soul, and mind. Once in connection, I tune into your energy field, and it is immediately elevated and opened. I receive information about your physical and energetic condition: stuck energy, energy leaks, dark energies that hinder you, and images of situations in this and/or past lives that cause repetitive destructive patterns. Ultimately, the goal is to reactivate your self-healing ability.

Beforehand, I do not know what will unfold, but as soon as I attune myself, I am shown exactly how and where healing needs to take place. I often feel in my own body where your energy stagnates and where I am guided to focus, and I receive the questions I need to ask you. In turn, you can also ask me questions during the process. It is possible that guides from your team have messages for you, and I will convey them to you. Through this personalized collaboration, I have guided and witnessed the most beautiful healings. Each session is unique, and subsequent sessions can unfold differently each time.