"The session with Carly was a profound experience. She gently guided me into a kind of trance in a very natural way. Then, I was taken on a journey through different settings from past lives. Carly asked the questions I had in mind to my higher self, and 'I' could respond to everything. Important periods with lessons from past lives were brought forward, and afterward, I could see the connection between my questions and the images I received.

After being gently awakened from my deep 'sleep' (that's how it felt), Carly took the time to ground me again. At that moment, I couldn't remember what had been said, but after discussing it with Carly, it all came back to me. In the following weeks, I strongly felt that a part of me had been healed, and I encountered various clues from the session in my daily life."


"Every time I've been with Carly, I gain new and profound insights, taking a step further towards my path of healing and getting closer to my mission. Carly possesses a unique sensitivity and intuitively senses where my blockages lie and what energetic work is needed to realign me on the right path."


Carly and her session felt like a warm embrace. It was like coming home, where she had words for something I've been feeling and experiencing for a long time. The session brought me back to my own power and light. It's a journey in an hour, with so many insights and shifts; it's almost indescribable. My inner knowing was reactivated, aligning with higher and lower aspects, and lessons were integrated. There was even aftercare for my busy mind: valuable and interesting information to explore further. In short, I left feeling uplifted (with both feet firmly on the ground).


"I could never have imagined that beneath my feelings of incompleteness, my immense guilt for even existing, and the recurring periods of depression, there was a deep sorrow over the loss of a twin brother whose separation occurred in the womb. Through insightful sessions exploring patterns related to loss experiences and triggers, along with the help of E.M.D.R. trauma healing, I was able to gradually release the paralyzing emotions surrounding this theme. Thank you, Carly."


"Thank you so much for the session. I am truly impressed. It was amazing how you connected me with my light beings. You do this in such a loving, down-to-earth way. It was truly special, and I would love to come back again." 


"Carly radiates so much love and trust that I feel safe in her presence. She sees you for who you truly are and looks through all layers. Her beautiful light heals and nourishes. She explains very clearly what is happening, taking you along the journey completely. Every time, I feel lighter and cleaner, knowing that important work has been done."


"I was curious about a woman who unexpectedly came into my life, and I felt an immediate connection with her, as if we were sisters. Through a friend who told me about Carly's clairvoyant abilities regarding past lives, I booked an online QHHT session with her. What was shown to me in images and feelings during the session was deeply moving and very familiar. It took me back to 2000 years ago when I lived in a sister community of healers; every day, we would go around the village, tending to the less fortunate, the sick, and the lepers living on the streets and hiding in caves. We cared for and tended to wounds, provided comfort where needed, and shared food with them. Besides the woman mentioned earlier, I also "recognized" two other sisters whom I had met during a retreat in Asia and immediately felt the same connection with. Our commonality was and is our empathic ability and love for our fellow human beings, reflected in the service-oriented profession each of us has chosen and in our difficulty in setting boundaries when called upon. My curiosity was satisfied, but a new one emerged: I suddenly saw the connection between my eternal fatigue, energy leaks, poor boundary enforcement, and that past life. Through that session, I entered an accelerated process of consciousness, and in subsequent sessions, I gained deeper insight into my (sabotaging) patterns, identified the cause of multiple traumas, and learned to tap into my own healing abilities and apply them to myself."


"What a deep and beautiful journey I experienced during the QHHT session. I've had multiple types of sessions with Carly, and every time she manages to create the same safe space, making me feel secure to explore every sensation and thought. Sometimes my ego interferes during past life regression, leading me to doubt my experiences, but Carly handles this perfectly. I highly recommend her for anyone interested in exploring past lives, meeting their guides, or being open to whatever comes up. Thank you so much, Carly, and I'll definitely see you again!"


"I am very sensitive to external energies and easily become overwhelmed. Carly has a wonderful way of easily connecting with my energy field and understanding exactly what I need to regain balance. She explains the process and approach in a clear manner, fostering open and comfortable communication. With Carly's help, I have made significant progress in processing traumas from past lives, and I regularly seek her guidance. Through our sessions, I continue to learn more about myself and the 'other' world. I wholeheartedly recommend Carly."


"I have experienced many different things with Carly during sessions, including two sessions during my pregnancy and childbirth. Towards the end of my pregnancy, our daughter was still moving around a lot and not in the right position for birth, which worried me. Carly made energetic contact with our baby and discovered that the baby didn't feel comfortable low in my pelvis due to unpleasant energy. Carly worked on removing the darkness and encapsulating it so that our baby could descend and prepare for her arrival. After the session with Carly, our baby quickly settled into the right position and didn't move much anymore.

During childbirth, I called Carly again because I couldn't release the placenta. Carly helped me let go, and then she cleaned and tidied everything up. After Carly's work, I was able to release the placenta immediately (we had been waiting for 2.5 hours). Despite tearing during childbirth, I didn't need any stitches because everything looked so neat.

I highly recommend Carly; she helped me tremendously and did so with a lot of love. She is professional, skilled in her work, respectful, and pleasant to be around."




Whenever I need an energy maintenance session, I can always rely on Carly. After each visit, I feel much lighter. As an empath, I tend to pick up and hold various energies when I enter a space. Carly scans my body for any "foreign" energies, guides me to these areas to "feel" where they have attached to me, and then we release them together with the help of our guides. After the session, she also provides me with some techniques and self-help methods to remain grounded within myself.



I returned for the soundbath healing with Carly for the second time, and during the conclusion, she sensed that there was still some stress held in my shoulders and heart area. She intuitively decided to provide me with a healing massage as well. It felt as if her hands and strong fingers were guided to all the tense muscle knots in my back and shoulders. It was an optimal wellness experience!


"Carly guided me with a gentle yet professional hand through deeply buried traumas that were weighing heavily on my life, ultimately enabling me to handle and/or release them. I experienced a whole arsenal of professional healing techniques, skills, and 'higher/clear gifts' that were used to address the themes that arose within me. What I find remarkable is that Carly, in 'communication' with my higher selves and guides, as well as hers, seeks permission for the healing to take place, sometimes with a redefinition of the initial inquiry, and she is guided towards how, what, where, and in which form. Once, she ended a session with a body scan, asking me to focus on my stomach, where I had been experiencing severe cramps for months. She received an image of a red frayed, irritated stomach lining and included it in her healing: I have had no cramps since then."