Remember Your True Nature


A life changing experience in magical Órgiva.

As consciousness is expanding, more and more men and women are seeking retreats and healing journeys to support their personal development. We recognise the importance of coming together and share.

Are you looking for a profound experience of healing, growth and connection? We warmly invite you to join us in our transformative retreat, in which we create a safe space for deep soul diving and remembering your true nature.

The enchanting surroundings of the Alpujarras (at the foot of the Sierra Nevada) provide a warm and nurturing environment where we collectively embark on an inner journey.


Join us in this unique opportunity to release the beliefs that no longer serve you and to embrace yourself with self-love.

This retreat provides a place where you can land, connect and share with like-minded individuals. It is a place of letting go and opening up to joy, love and acceptance. You will come home to yourself, soften, and deepen in an environment where every part of you is welcome.

We assure you this retreat will initiate a profound healing process, promote your physical, mental and emotional well-being and empower you to create meaningful changes in your life.


Welcome ❤

Carly, Wilco, Lief and Jan.




Meditation - Dance - Silence - Movement - Bodywork - Energywork - Sharing - Music - Nature walks- Constellations  -


The first days we will split in 2 separate groups, men and women, where we will be looking within ourselves to confront our masculine and feminine aspects and gain insight and understanding in the wounds we carry. After this we will come together where we share our reflection and self-exploration. We will reunite with a newfound sense of self-awareness, appreciation for each other's journeys and a deeper connection.


But most of all: expect the unexpected


Our retreat is in a unique location in a valley with a stunning view.
We have cool and shaded places which invite you to go inside. We have 2 big natural swimming pools, continuously filled with fresh spring water. You are invited to camp in the shadow of our Enchanted Avocado Forest at our Finca Almendras Blancas.
Welcome to paradise, only 5 minutes drive from the centre of Órgiva, Granada, Spain.