''Healing is the journey back to our soul essence."

Energy healing/Reading


The intention of an energy healing/reading session is to connect and bring wholeness and unity to all aspects of your being at a deeper level. During the session, we tune into your needs and your energy field, working on your physical, emotional, mental, etheric, and spiritual bodies. This provides insights into your process of self-awareness, identifying blockages, and activating your self-healing abilities.

Aspects of ourselves that we may have let go due to traumas, fears, limiting beliefs, and emotional blocks are brought to consciousness, allowing deep-level healing to take place. Various techniques such as soul retrieval, etheric surgery, ancestral healing, chakra cleansing & healing, inner child work, and trauma healing are used to gain clarity. Each session is unique, and intuitive insights relevant to your current experiences are shared. These sessions offer support and guidance to explore your soul's path, clear blockages, and stand fully in your own light.



  • Clearing emotional burdens
  • Exploration of past lives
  • Regression
  • (Energetic) family constellations
  • Removal of unwanted dark energies (entities)
  • Dissolving contracts, implants, and initiations
  • Untangling and releasing energetic cords that no longer serve you
  • Holistic EMDR and trauma healing
  • Inner Child healing
  • Energetic communication with the body
  • Energetic cleansing and frequency elevation
  • Energetic protection
  • Connecting with Source and your mission.
  • Contact with deceased loved ones
  • Channeling guides
  • Soul retrieval Ancestral healing
  • Awakening of the new age consciousness
  • Chakra healing and cleansing
  • Etheric surgery



    Remote healing sessions and consultations via phone/Zoom contact: I can perceive your energy and guide you, even from a distance, to identify what is holding you back and assist in removing blockages.