My life path has been a journey of ups and downs, where I faced addiction, depression, and chronic migraines. Physical and emotional pain were long-time companions in my life, to the point where I no longer wanted to live. Fortunately, I discovered that there was always a healthy part of myself that wanted to live and was determined to carry on. Instead of continuing to fight against my pain, I decided to listen to what it had to tell me. This choice turned out to be life-changing. I began to listen to my body, my emotions, and my intuition. My migraines and painful experiences turned out to be my greatest teachers. This discovery led me on a journey of deep inner transformation. I attended many courses and training sessions and realized that I wanted to support others on their path to healing and recovery. In my work in mental health care and as a peer support specialist, I used my own struggles with addiction, depression, and chronic illness to assist others in their recovery process.

The road to embracing my light and strength was not easy, as I also had to explore the darkness, both within myself and in others. It took a lot of time, with years of therapies, sessions, clearings, and deep trauma work. I felt a great responsibility and went through a profound dark night of the soul, where I had to face my deepest soul stirrings and embrace my shadow sides. Through this inner work, I was able to heal more and more aspects of myself, and my clarity only grew stronger. This journey also brought challenges, such as how to navigate all the information I receive and discern what belongs to me and what belongs to others. In the beginning, contact with the spiritual world sometimes made me anxious - who are they and what do they want from me? Fortunately, many teachers helped me navigate this "other world." More and more, I began to realize what an incredible gift it is.

1.5 years ago, I decided to follow my intuition and moved to enchanting South Spain, where I found the peace and nature my soul longed for.



HBO Social Work, specialization in Mental Health

Howie the Harp: Training to become a Peer Support Specialist (Experiential Expert)

Universal White Time Healing: Level I, II en III

Noorderlicht Akademie: training to become an energetic therapist

Annemiek Dauw: Working with the aura layers

UNLP: Training in Family Constellations & Systemic Coaching

Interakt: Break the Silence, trauma constellations I and II

Holistische EMDR


Solara An-ra : 12D multidimensional chackra healing

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy,  intern 

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Beyond Quantum Healing

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Soul regression Therapy : Past life regression and between lifes regression therapy

Harmonic Sounds - Association of Sound Therapy : Sound Healer training